Marketing Plan For Business

Your planning stage is now done. Your next step is to put together a team that can accomplish it. Take a look at your plan and determine who is capable of producing this type of content. You will want to look within your organization to see if anyone is able to produce the content, If not you can look into paid freelancers or guest posters capable of building the content.

Many organizations’ executing this type of marketing model have a list of contributors both internal and external. But it is really based on your budget to determine what options you have available. Rich media content should be the corner stone of any content marketing strategy and your internal expertise may not be up for the challenge, so it is important you have the right people in place to get the job done, especially with content like video and infographics.

Within your team the most crucial role should be the Managing Editor. The Managing Editor is probably the most sought after by businesses today. The Managing Editor keeps things running smoothly and assists with Content Scheduling, tagging and images, style corrections, keyword selection and the general SEO of posts, and more. The Managing Editor basically helps in keeping things running as smoothly as possible.


content marketing ideasIt’s not easy coming up with unique quality content regularly. Coming up with ideas is where most marketers struggle the most. Studies show that consistently creating content is the greatest challenge in any content marketing strategy. To truly become a publisher it requires consistently producing content on almost a daily basis. What on earth am I going to write about every day!?!

One of the best ways to produce content ideas is to know where your customer’s interests lie. The majority of your content is going to be about what your customers like, not about your products or services. Keep that in mind when generating ideas to write about.

When it comes to idea generation there are two best practices. First use social signals and see what your customers like or don’t like. Look at what you are covering on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest and see where your prospects interest lie and within those communities identify what questions they want answered.

The second best practice would be to reach out to the ears in your organization. This group of people would be those that work with your customers on a daily basis, such as your support team, colleagues, sales and service groups. Incite them to listen for any customer concerns, praises and recommendations and then submit that information to your Content Marketing team. A great way to motivate them to participate fully is to offer them an incentive. Then keep them informed of the information provided whether it was rejected or used as content, and keep in touch so they know how the content performs. The organizations that excel at this are those that keep a leaderboard to boast which employees are making the top contributions to the efforts of the Content marketing team.